Work With an Insurer That’s Making Waves in the Industry

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“The insurance industry is a difficult one to make a splash in. By its very nature, it’s a sector that favors established players and long-term thinking, so when there is a rising star, it’s because that company or that executive is making positive changes that are apparent to everyone. When Insurance Business America names its Hot 100, those players tend to be largely the same from year to year, but when they do host newcomers, those players are worth watching.

Industry Specific Innovations

One of the ways to impress the industry is by making specific innovations to serve emerging industries or to better serve established ones as they change. Major players in today’s insurance markets understand the importance of key industries that operate on the global stage.

Petroleum extraction and refining
International mining operations
Staffing international projects
Global real estate development

These are just a few of the examples of the areas where innovation has been rewarded recently by Insurance Business America. If you’re looking for the insurers and executives who are making waves so you can shop for insurance products that operate with a higher level of specificity and awareness of the shifting business environment, you need to check out the people and companies the industry itself is applauding. There’s no better way to find your next insurer.