Why Nonprofits Need Volunteer Insurance

Nonprofits operating on a shoestring budget cannot afford to pay for expenses when things go wrong. Policies such as VIS volunteer insurance prevent financial losses that threaten to put them out of business when any of the following situations occur.

Personal Injuries

Even if your office is not open to the general public, it is still possible for people to get hurt on the premises. General liability protects you from being forced to pay their medical bills.

Copyright Infringement

Claims of copyright infringement can happen unexpectedly. General liability also covers legal representation to defend yourself in court.

Automobile Accidents

Volunteers are only human and have the potential to be involved in car accidents on the way to or from work or while performing their duties. Automobile coverage pays for personal injuries and property damage they may inadvertently cause.

Abuse Claims

Any time volunteers work with vulnerable populations, the potential for claims of abuse exists. Abuse liability is essential to protect the organization from potentially devastating legal bills should this type of situation arise.

By investing in volunteer insurance, a nonprofit can protect itself from situations it does not have the resources to deal with. Doing so is the best way to demonstrate stewardship of the donations with which it has been entrusted.