Why Go Vape for Cannabis Oil?

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While you can simply put drops of CBD oil under your tongue, you may also choose to vape it instead. Just as with the tinctures, you can find a lot of cannabis vape oil for sale, and it offers some different benefits than other ways of ingestion.

Vaping entails

putting the oil into a type of pen so that you can inhale the product in vapor form (hence the name). In some cases, the oil comes in a cartridge. In either situation, a battery will allow for the heating up of the oil, forming the medicinal vapor.


One of the benefits of using the vape method is that it will get into your system quickly. This can be particularly useful if you have a condition that needs regular maintenance, such as pain or anxiety. It’s small and easily portable so you can take it with you wherever you go. It can also be easier to control the dosage than trying to get the right number of drops out of a dropper.

As with any other system of delivery, when looking for cannabis oil for sale, you will want to verify the quality and effectiveness of what you’re buying. Look for a company that does third party testing and that sells oil that comes from the more effective cannabis rather than hemp.