Why Does Your Nonprofit Need Liability Insurance?

Nonprofit Need Liability Insurance

The possibility of various liability risks is part of running a business. Nonprofit organizations are not exempt from legal claims. Securing nonprofit liability insurance coverage is an essential element for your company. Adequate coverage prevents financial loss when unforeseen accidents, injuries or other events occur during your professional activities.

Why Do You Need Liability Coverage?

Society is increasingly litigious, and you are likely to have claims filed against your nonprofit at some point. The cost of defending your business from lawsuits is expensive, even if you are not at fault. As a not-for-profit organization, you likely do not have excess funds to cover the legal expenses, court fees, settlements or judgments associated with cases. Liability insurance safeguards your company from potentially devastating financial losses.

What Types of Claims Are a Concern for Nonprofits?

Many circumstances could result in actions filed against your operation.

  • Injuries sustained while performing work duties
  • Discrimination within the workplace
  • Harassment allegations
  • Property damage
  • Errors and omissions incidents
  • Third-party bodily injury or damage to goods
  • Physical or personal damages caused by a driver working for your organization

Nonprofit liability insurance coverage safeguards you from risks associated with the daily operations of your business. When you work with the public, you face many potential legal issues. Speak with a knowledgeable agent to find the best liability policies for your company.