What to Know About Your Company’s Auto Policy

companys auto policy

Many businesses make use of vehicles for daily operations, where it is a service truck, a delivery van, sales rep car, or an employee heading out to pick up supplies. Though the experts at World Wide Specialty Programs recommend a comprehensive commercial auto policy, there are some situations that may not be covered in the event of an accident.

Employee Use of Vehicles

Not every business can afford a company car for each employee, so there are times when an individual must use their personal vehicle for work use. However, accidents that occur on company time in these vehicles present complex liability concerns. Having the right insurance coverage means having an additional insured on hired and non owned auto endorsement on the initial commercial auto policy.

The Use of Hired Vehicles

There are times when your company may hire a delivery driver, limo service, or rental car for certain clients or situations, and these too can bring liability claims if insurance coverage isn’t extended. The hired and non owned endorsement would apply in these situations as well if an accident happened.

Legal liabilities are one of the most expensive concerns your company could face. Fortunately, in the area of commercial auto insurance, there are several endorsements to protect you from the exposures of vehicle accidents.