What Is Artisan Contractor Insurance?

When you are contracted for the unique vision and hard-won craft you bring to a project, chances are you need to think about investing in something more than just basic contractor insurance plans. Artisan contractor insurance is designed to meet the needs of skilled contractors like yourself by covering the additional risks they face and adjusting the plan’s coverage limits to suit the value of the work you produce.

Who Needs Artisan Insurance?

If your business is built around a single area of specialization like electrical work, plumbing, or carpentry, then artisan insurance is a better bet than basic contractor insurance. It is designed to fit your business, with coverage that suits the real risks you face if something goes wrong.

  • Business property insurance to protect the assets you own and need to do your work
  • General liability for contractors with provisions that are attuned to the specific work you perform
  • Flexible coverage limits that reflect your real level of risk

If you are looking for a cost-effective and complete coverage package that lets you get to work without worrying about gaps or other issues, then you need to look into a quote from an established artisan contractor insurance program to see what the company’s representatives can do for your bottom line.