Top 3 Must-Do Items for a Yacht Storm Plan

The majesty of Mother Nature is never more clear than in the midst of a storm at sea. With the waves soaring, the wind howling, and the clouds blocking the sunlight from view, it can make for some beautiful sights.

But storms are dangerous as well, and if you are going to be aboard your vessel during a rough one, you’ll want to be fully prepared for the danger you face. Here are three must-do things you should include when preparing your yacht storm plan.

Keep Your Insurance Up-to-Date

Before traveling, make sure your current insurance policy is up-to-date and that any extra coverages you might want have been added to your policy.

Evaluate Your Safety Gear

Create a checklist that includes every item you carry as part of your safety gear, and make sure the list has been checked before every voyage. In the middle of a storm, having gear in good condition is more important than ever.

Establish Communication

Communication may be difficult during and after a storm, so make sure you’ve checked in before any difficult weather. Give your location to multiple parties on land to eliminate any confusion should your communications equipment be impaired or you become lost in the storm.

Taking care of these things before setting sail is always recommended!