The Tri-State Area Is Home to Some of the Worst Traffic Bottlenecks

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The Tri-State area is home to some of the worst traffic bottlenecks in the nation. While there are plenty of other areas in the US with similar issues, commuters to New York City face these bottlenecks on their daily drive. Protecting yourself and your vehicle with Tri-State auto insurance keeps you on the road while you navigate these locations.

Lincoln Tunnel

Specifically, the location between John F. Kennedy Blvd. and 10th Ave is a bottleneck ranked number 8 on a recent US poll.


I95 has two spots of traffic issues. For the number 9 ranking, the location between Broadway and I895 is the toughest. Number 18 is the location between Palisades Interstate Parkway and SR4.

Pulaski Skyway

The Pulaski Skyway ranks number 19 for Jersey residents and 37th for New York City commuters from Jersey. Newark residents feel the pain between I95 and Central Ave. Commuters feel the pinch between Broadway and
Tonnelle Ave.

Brooklyn Bridge

The iconic landmark connecting Brooklyn with New York City proper is a traffic nightmare. The bridge ranks number 33 out of 50 for the nation.

Long Island Expressway

Commuters from Long Island are familiar with traffic. The particularly sticky spot lies between 58th St. and 48th St. near I-278.

While commuting for work or pleasure, protect your vehicle with Tri-State auto insurance. Be careful on the roadways to lower your risk of an accident.