The Rundown on Roadway Coverage

“There are many different types of insurance policies that truck drivers or operators would be wise to consider. For the best package policy, consider the benefits of the owner-operator truck insurance plan.

Invest in the Long Haul

At the outset, it might seem that purchasing an insurance policy is a strain on your budget. However, if you aren’t careful, the pennies you try to pinch in the initial premium can be thousands of dollars in deductible or cargo loss charges. While you might experience some sticker shock when initially looking into policies, consider what you will be getting for your premium as far as coverage areas, service, and claims processing.

Things to Ask About the Coverage

What are the limits of the policy?
What type of cargo form is part of the policy?
Are there any additional deductibles that need to be addressed?

Things to Consider With the Insurer

As an owner-operator, you are familiar with the unique risks and exposures faced during transit, storage, and loading or unloading goods. As reported on, you need an agent who can quote and recommend a policy that will address the types of accidents and losses that you may encounter. You need to work with a broker who has experience in the trucking industry to ensure all your specific needs are addressed.