The Risks That Come With Running a Rental Business

“Whether you own an apartment or condominium complex, you need to have the right coverage in order to keep your building running smoothly. You can run into a number of problems that may cause serious damage to your business if you aren’t properly insured. To protect your rental business from harm, it’s crucial to be aware of these potential risks.


While a small amount of mold won’t put your business at risk, leaving an outbreak unaddressed may lead to some serious health consequences. Some of the health effects of mold include:
Skin irritation
Eye irritation

Tenants who are particularly sensitive to mold may experience more severe symptoms. If you don’t have insurance to cover the costs of the resulting health expenses, it can cause significant financial damage to your business.


When you have an entire building to worry about, vandalism becomes a more costly form of damage. Some vandalism efforts may be minor, but others can put a dent in your expenses. With the aid of habitational property insurance, you can bounce back from vandalism, as explained on

Property Damage

Your rental property can also become harmed as a result of severe weather events. From hurricanes to thunderstorms, you never know what surprises nature can bring to your building. Regardless of what happens, you can only be prepared when you’re properly insured.