The Risk of Texas Floods

Flood Risk

Floods in Texas are as sure as grazing longhorns and Friday night football games. Except floods are unwelcome and often cause major financial and property damage. Texas private flood insurance is the tool all homeowners need to protect their assets and to give peace of mind. Flood insurance is not a luxury when all you own is on the line.

When You Least Expect It

The flood that changes your life is the only one that matters. Large swaths of Texas are disposed to flooding, including almost all of its major cities. Add to this the fact that Texas has been widely affected by devastating hurricanes and record rainfalls in recent years, the potential for personal disaster is daunting. The last thing you need is to be caught off guard and uninsured. It’s important to know that most policies take 30 days before coverage begins, so the present is the best time to get set. If buyers live in a flood plain area, most lenders require flood insurance. It’s equally important to have insurance in places that the risk for damage is significant. This becomes increasingly clear when you learn that flood damage is the most prevalent type of home disaster.

Texas floods will happen. Insurance protection helps mitigate the losses when the moment you least expect becomes reality.