The Dangers of a HIPPA Violation

HIPPA Violation

If you manage a healthcare facility, you have to take HIPPA into account. HIPPA is the Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It requires that all facilities and providers have safeguards to protect health information.

What Are the Effects of a HIPPA Violation?

Not only can you face lawsuits due to HIPPA violations, but you could also face fines and penalties from $100 to $50,000. In some cases, a HIPPA violation may even come with jail time if the court finds that willful neglect was involved. When an organization takes steps to correct a violation, they are less likely to have high fines. In

Why Is HIPPA Violation Reporting Common?

In the past, HIPPA violations were less common because patients did not understand their rights. So, if there was a healthcare facility that was not HIPPA compliant, the patient may not have noticed. Nowadays, however, patients understand more about their rights. They understand data privacy laws and how healthcare and billing information can leak and lead to devastating effects. If you do not have protections in place to protect information, your facility could be on the end of a lawsuit.

Sometimes lawsuits happen. A data breach can also occur, even when you put forth the effort to prevent them. Without risk management and liability insurance, you do not have protection against lawsuits, in case something were to happen.