The Benefits of Protected Cell Captives

Cell Captives

Knowing your options with commercial insurance can make all the difference toward how you feel about the plan you have selected. Protecting your business depends largely on the industry you operate within and the inherent risks found there. In some cases, this may mean taking a look at alternatives to the conventional options available to you. Protected cell captives, for example, can be a useful consideration. Learn more about the benefits of a segregated cell captive program to see if it is the right fit for you.

How Protected Cell Captives Work

Protected cell captives are beneficial to companies looking to keep insurance packages simple and avoid the ups and downs of the market. The structure of this type of insurance package allows specific liabilities and assets to be put into separate “cells.” By identifying these cells on an individual basis, it is easier to handle the insurance needs of each. Protected calls have inexpensive administrative costs and are fast and easy to create. Additional benefits that come from this type of package include:

  • Flexibility with capital allocation
  • Improved options for managing risks
  • Flexibility with program design

Weigh Out Your Options

There are several angles to think about when it comes to the insurance needs of your business. Take time to learn more about protected cell captives and determine whether or not the option fits your company’s needs. The more specific you are with your insurance plan, the more likely it is you will be covered at all times.