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Workers' Comp

Everything You Need To Know About Workers’ Comp

As a business owner, you rely on your employees every day. Without them, your business wouldn’t be as strong and you’d be forced to handle every aspect of your operation on your own. The more you can protect them on the job, the better off your company will be. No matter what industry you’re in, workers’ compensation coverage is the easiest way to protect your team anytime they’re on...
Workers Comp Insurance

Is Workers Comp Insurance Required in New Jersey?

Each state has its own set of workers comp rules and regulations. New Jersey is no exception. in fact, the state requires coverage for most entities doing business within its borders. When you manage a business that is located or operates in the state, it is important to perform research into who must carry workers comp in New Jersey. What NJ Businesses Must Carry Workers Comp Coverage? New...
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An Insurance Policy That Helps Your Employees and Your Business

"Having an employee injured is a horrible thing, especially if they are injured during the course of completing their duties. Fortunately, workers comp protects your business from lawsuits and also provides support for your employees until they recover. Common Claims and Coverage Limitations When a worker is injured or becomes ill while on the job, it is the responsibility of the employer to pay...