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Nonprofit Need Liability Insurance

Why Does Your Nonprofit Need Liability Insurance?

The possibility of various liability risks is part of running a business. Nonprofit organizations are not exempt from legal claims. Securing nonprofit liability insurance coverage is an essential element for your company. Adequate coverage prevents financial loss when unforeseen accidents, injuries or other events occur during your professional activities. Why Do You Need Liability Coverage?...
Temporary Staffing

Eliminating the Confusion With a Temp Worker’s Injury Claim

With temporary staffing centers, there are several moving parts to both management and employment practices that have the potential to cause confusion. As a company contracts with an agency for temporary labor assistance, the employee hired to fill the role reports directly to the company in need but is legally the responsibility of the temp agency. When accidents or injuries occur, the temp...
ship repairers legal liability

Liability Insurance for Professionals Who Repair Ships

"Whether you're based in a shipyard or you have your own workshop, professionals who perform repairs to both commercial and personal ships have a range of liabilities unique to the industry. On top of that, those who own their own business will have the additional liabilities business owners share more generally. When you are looking for the right ship repairers legal liability insurance to...