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HIPPA Violation

The Dangers of a HIPPA Violation

If you manage a healthcare facility, you have to take HIPPA into account. HIPPA is the Health insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It requires that all facilities and providers have safeguards to protect health information. What Are the Effects of a HIPPA Violation? Not only can you face lawsuits due to HIPPA violations, but you could also face fines and penalties from $100 to $50,000....
Liability Protection

Find Out Why Accountants Need Liability Protection

As an accountant, your client’s finances are in your hands. This is a big responsibility and if you make mistakes, you could be liable for the outcome. Therefore, it is so crucial to have liability protection for accountants. Here are two reasons why you should not forget the coverage. Third-Parties Want Compensation Unfortunately, it is not rare for an accountant to face a lawsuit by a...