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Maritime Liability

Coverage for Boating Operations

The laws that govern the seas and waterways are often different from those that govern businesses in the United States that are land-based. For maritime operations, there are requirements for insurance coverage that apply when vessels are out to see or when in port, and these are designed to address maritime liability concerns in the following areas: Boatbuilding Boat repair Commercial vessel...
Insurance Claims

Types of Insurance Claims

Many states have automotive laws that require all licensed drivers to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage against any damages an accident may cause to another vehicle or passenger. The same protection is what drive homeowners to purchase homeowner’s insurance. Regardless of the type of coverage, you will be selecting from first party coverage or third party coverage. What You Need to...

Sourcing a Coverage Provider

When you need to find the right liability coverage, it can help to search through an insurance company directory for a provider that carries the services you need. There are many different exposures to be aware of, whether you are a commercial business or an average citizen needing to find car insurance. Choosing a provider that displays a variety of policies within the specific area of coverage...