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Insuring Your Commercial Machinery and Tools

If you rely on heavy equipment to help get a job done, malfunctions in the equipment can throw off your completion timeline, delivery mandates, and even create dangerous working conditions. In addition to carrying a commercial property insurance plan that could cover certain damages or injuries, the experts at HILB Group advise that you also secure an industrial equipment insurance policy....
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5 Ways to Get the Best Quotes

5 Ways to Get the Best Quotes Everyone needs insurance. If you have a residential or commercial property, then there are multiple coverages that you need. Before you invest in insurance, you need to make sure you’re getting fair insurance quotes. Here’s how to get the best quotes. Shop Around Make sure that you shop round for insurance. Don’t assume that any one company is going to be the...
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Three Basic Insurance Options For Property Owners

Are you looking for commercial property insurance coverage in Orlando? As a property owner, finding coverage by yourself may be a challenge. The number of options and confusing verbiage can make it difficult for those who aren’t experienced in the insurance industry. As you work to find an agent, here are three fundamental coverages that should be included in your policy. General Liability...