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Employee Benefits Liability Claims

Protection Against Employee Benefits Liability Claims

Employees who decide to join your company do so in part because of the benefits package you offer. Unfortunately, if someone on your team makes an error that negatively impacts the benefits of an employee, you open yourself up to costly litigation. It's important to plan ahead so you are prepared for issues when they arise. Employee Benefits Liability Insurance EBL coverage protects your company...
Workers' Comp

Everything You Need To Know About Workers’ Comp

As a business owner, you rely on your employees every day. Without them, your business wouldn’t be as strong and you’d be forced to handle every aspect of your operation on your own. The more you can protect them on the job, the better off your company will be. No matter what industry you’re in, workers’ compensation coverage is the easiest way to protect your team anytime they’re on...
Insurance Claims

Types of Insurance Claims

Many states have automotive laws that require all licensed drivers to carry a minimum amount of liability coverage against any damages an accident may cause to another vehicle or passenger. The same protection is what drive homeowners to purchase homeowner’s insurance. Regardless of the type of coverage, you will be selecting from first party coverage or third party coverage. What You Need to...