Symptoms and Treatment of a Thyroid Disorder

Thyroid treatment

The thyroid is an important gland that works on many facets of the body, including digestion, muscle control and brain development. If it is not functioning properly, your body will know it. The symptoms of a thyroid disorder are no fun, and it’s important to quickly pinpoint and seek thyroid treatment to help you feel better.


Although both genders have a thyroid, women are between five and eight times more likely than men to encounter problems. It is unknown what exactly causes these problems, but whether you have an underactive or overactive thyroid, the symptoms are very similar. They include:

Fatigue: aggressive sleepiness that prevents normal activities.
Moodiness: letting silly things get to you and overreacting to minor situations.
Decreased sex drive: unable to perform or just not feeling in the mood.
Muscle weakness: feeling lethargic and sore, unable to perform simple tasks.


There are many other signs, but if you suspect you might have a thyroid problem, speak to your doctor right away. Prescription medications are available to regulate your thyroid. In some cases, surgery might be required to correct the issue. If you would like to try a more natural route, medical marijuana and/or daily doses of CBD might relieve some of the symptoms.

The world feels misaligned when your thyroid isn’t functioning properly. If it is giving you trouble, consult your doctor and ask what treatment works best for you.