Steps To Increase Security in Remote Working Situations

working from home

An increasing number of people are working remotely. What was once a convenience has become a necessity that has allowed many businesses to survive physical office closures. With that convenience, however, there are also risks.

When you look at working from home from a cybersecurity standpoint, there are several areas of risk that stand out. These include unsecured networks, an increase in digital communication and work that is performed across multiple platforms. Whether your business is working remotely as a temporary measure, or if this is the new normal for your staff, there are things you can do to limit liability.

Secure Your Networks

While the networks you use at work may be secure, you do not have that assurance about home networks. Take steps to set up secured networks for employees who will be working from home going forward. If that is not an option, restrict what information can be accessed and sent through their networks.

Restrict Device Usage

You do not control how employees use their personal devices, and they could already be hiding malware. Provide staff with equipment that is only for official business and discourage using personal devices for work-related communication and tasks.

Invest in Cybersecurity Coverage

Specialized insurance policies can be tailored to your business situation. This can limit your liability in the event that information is compromised.

If working from home is a long-term solution for you, the peace of mind and security you gain from taking proactive action will be worth the investment of resources.