Staying Protected During Scooter Use

Brynes Agency Insurance

For those who live in or near the city, buying a scooter is a cost-efficient and gas-saving way to zip around and get to work. The requirements for each state vary, but generally speaking, scooters are to be registered just as one would with any other vehicle. Owners are also required to buy scooter insurance as well as have a valid driver’s license, although some states require a motorcycle license or endorsement to operate a scooter.

Safety First

stEven with the right liability insurance and the right licensing, the team at Brynes Agency Insurance warns that extra safety cautions should still be taken. Safety is a priority for you and other motorists on the road. Always wear a helmet and the proper riding gear, and take a motorcycle or safety class before you travel the roadways.

Cost-Savings Benefit

Scooters can be a great cost-savings investment, and a quality insurance plan is well worth the extra expense. Because scooters cost less than a motorcycle or car, premiums are often cheaper. Your insurance agent might also be able to give you a multi-policy discount.

The potential for accidents that can cause bodily or property damage is just as high as with traditional motor operations. Stay alert and distraction-free to give yourself the best chance of staying accident-free.