SEO: The Best Way to Utilize Digital Marketing for Your Agency

You may feel you need pointers on tackling the evolving industry of digital marketing. While there are many digital marketing strategies for insurance agencies, you may want to prioritize search engine optimization.

Why Bring SEO Into Play?

Everyone uses a search engine as their go-to anytime a question arises. Google sees an estimated 864 billion searches in a year. This means each person in the world clicks the magnifying glass an average of 113 times yearly. These statistics help you see why it is important to focus on SEO as part of your business strategy.

How Will SEO Benefit You?

Enhancing SEO should take precedence according to about 60% of marketing professionals. Their reasoning is that 3/4 of sites visited come from the first page of search results. Utilizing SEO will help increase traffic to your webpage by moving your company up the search engine rankings.

How Can You Improve Your SEO?

Find professionals who know exactly how to help. They’ll be able to tailor digital marketing to fit your needs. Here’s a basic list of some things a company might do to improve your SEO:

  1. Make your website user-friendly across all devices
  2. Find and utilize keywords within your site so people can find what they’re looking for
  3. Assist in keeping your content recent, so your business won’t look dead and unrelatable

Once you get to the top of the results page, you’ll be sure to see your business take off.