Scaffolding Safety on Construction Sites

Construction Sites

On any construction jobsite where workers use scaffolding, safety has to be a high priority at all times. Rushing through the process of setting up scaffolding or improper training can result in a serious accident. Here some important things that you should know about making sure that scaffolds are safe.

Train Workers Thoroughly

Project managers and supervisors need to take responsibility for ensuring that all workers are trained in how to use scaffolding safely. In addition to the risk of falling, workers need to be made aware about the possibility of causing an imbalance as well as the risk of falling objects.

Move Pieces Safely

It may not be possible to move an entire structure without compromising its structural integrity. Whenever a large structure is being moved, it’s advisable that workers disassemble and reassemble them rather than try to move them as is.

Block Pedestrian Access Effectively

Scaffolding on construction site locations near the street have to be safe for everyone who may be near them and not just the workers who will be on them. It’s imperative that you block access to areas where the work overhead could be dangerous to passersby who are walking underneath a scaffolding structure. Don’t rely on people to see signage advising them that access is restricted; put up a barrier where people cannot walk safely.