Protecting Your Nonprofit at Off-Site Events

Off-site meetings are fairly common in the nonprofit world. Large meetings may bring together employees of a national nonprofit in one location to discuss organizational policies, campaigns, or other programs. Large industry meetings may also unite representatives from a diverse array of nonprofits to work together on similar issues and make connections. Countless other types of major and diverse meetings may be held at third-party sites, like hotels, convention centers, and similar locations.

Protecting your organization at nonprofit meeting facilities — including understanding how liabilities function and when and where your organization may be held liable for incidents — is essential to preserving the long-term fiscal health of your nonprofit.

What Specific Factors Should You Take Into Account?

Meeting at an off-site location may expose your organization to unique liabilities. Details to consider include:

  • Liabilities in the event of food poisoning, accidents, or illness, including Covid-19
  • Room cancellation policies at hotels, in the event of lockdowns or other Covid-19-related scheduling changes
  • Contractual allowances for your organization to exit a contract or booking arrangement, prior to a meeting date, if there are substantial circumstantial changes, like public health concerns

An experienced nonprofit insurer can help your organization craft a comprehensive policy when making arrangements at various venues, to ensure attendees and your organization are well-protected and financially secure in the event of any incidents or larger societal shifts that affect your event.