Professional Risks and Protection for Social Workers

social workers

Social workers manage risks as a critical part of their profession. They must consider the safety of their clients and balance multiple ethical and moral responsibilities simultaneously. After long days of managing risks on behalf of other people, the last thing a social worker should have to face is a separate set of risks on themselves as a response to their work.  With professional liability insurance for social workers, these risks can become much less threatening.

Common Risks

Most claims against social workers are alleged deviations from standards of practice. Some of the most common issues include:

  • client privacy and confidentiality
  • boundaries and dual relationships
  • termination of services
  • conflicts of interest
  • informed consent

Even social workers who work hard to act ethically and advocate for their clients’ rights at all times can face claims of malpractice and negligence. That is why it is so important to have sufficient coverage, especially professional liability. According to Huntersure insurance professionals, professional liability for social workers is also helpful when they must participate in court proceedings in relation to current or former clients.

Social workers dedicate their careers to helping other people. It is important that they have people committed to helping and protecting them so they can continue their work with the proper support.