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Important Insurance for Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies indeed open themselves up for some big liability risks just by providing their services. Essentially, a staffing agency acts as the middle-man between employees and employers. As such, they have responsibilities for both parties. If a mishap occurs in either direction, this can spell bad news for the staffing agency. Fortunately, the right insurance will give you peace of mind...

Sourcing a Coverage Provider

When you need to find the right liability coverage, it can help to search through an insurance company directory for a provider that carries the services you need. There are many different exposures to be aware of, whether you are a commercial business or an average citizen needing to find car insurance. Choosing a provider that displays a variety of policies within the specific area of coverage...
ship repairers legal liability

Liability Insurance for Professionals Who Repair Ships

"Whether you're based in a shipyard or you have your own workshop, professionals who perform repairs to both commercial and personal ships have a range of liabilities unique to the industry. On top of that, those who own their own business will have the additional liabilities business owners share more generally. When you are looking for the right ship repairers legal liability insurance to...