Medicare Advantage Participants’ Access to Non Skilled Home Care

Home Care

In 2019, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service ruled to allow supplemental benefits for the provision of home care activities related to daily tasks. This ruling greatly broadened the scope of services that Medicare Advantage participants could access in their homes.

A Breakthrough in Care

The availability of this vital benefit took so long to come into effect because insurers were concerned that the costs of expansive in-home care would be too great. Over time, however, statistical analysis of medical and insurance data in several states and territories that provided plans with these features showed that they did not raise programs’ overall costs but rather lowered them. It is more cost-effective to keep people healthy with preventative care by averting the need for costly treatments or assisted living.

Understanding What Is Non Skilled Home Care

Medicare Advantage non skilled home care encompasses assistance with daily living that does not require specialized medical training. For example, a care provider could help a person with preparing meals, assistance with cleaning, and bathing.

Any medical provider’s recommendation that in-home assistance would benefit a patient will establish eligibility for the benefit. Medicare Advantage participants who would be better able to cope with a disability or chronic medical condition should carefully consider the availability of this benefit when choosing a plan to enroll in.