Liability Insurance for Professionals Who Repair Ships

ship repairers legal liability

“Whether you’re based in a shipyard or you have your own workshop, professionals who perform repairs to both commercial and personal ships have a range of liabilities unique to the industry. On top of that, those who own their own business will have the additional liabilities business owners share more generally. When you are looking for the right ship repairers legal liability insurance to supplement your general liability business insurance, you need to work with professionals who really understand the needs of the industry.

What Do Ship Repairers Need?

Your liabilities start at negligence, but they don’t stop there. The nature of ship repair also makes those who do it liable for third-party injury and death if negligence or substandard work is found to be the core cause of the incident.
That means your coverage needs to:

Adequately anticipate the range of your third-party liability
Provide for damage to property for incidents where you carry liability
Cover your repairs and your safety while performing them
Ensure your property
Protect from accidents where you carry liability on-site at your workshop

While some of these cases are covered by general liability business insurance, ship repairers legal liability insurance covers them with language specific to the industry and incorporates the coverage options you need to have peace of mind when you start your next work order.”