Insuring Your Overseas Workers


There are many workers` compensation needs when you consider the different businesses that are keeping the economy humming. High-risk operations have a set of challenges that small business don`t experience, and local companies have exposures that aren`t shared by companies that do business overseas. The global economy thrives on international trade and employment, but it presents challenges to safeguarding U.S. employee welfare. The Defense Base Act is a solution to the problem, and DBA insurance companies are making sure overseas workers are getting the coverage they need.

Which Employees Need Coverage?

As the team at Moody explains, coverage requirements of the DBA are similar to the workers’ compensation and protection plans of businesses in the United States. Those who are included in the protection can be:
Those employed outside of domestic soil by private employers operating on a U.S. military based or location used for military purposes
Those who are under a Foreign Assistance Act funded contract outside of the U.S
Those who are employed outside of the U.S. and providing welfare support to the Armed Forces
Those who are on a public employment contract for a U.S. government agency outside of the U.S.
For the most part, accounts that are doing government business overseas might require a DBA policy. This protects your employees in the event of an accident, but it also protects you from non-compliance fees and litigation.