Insuring Your Independent Living Facility

Running an independent living facility can be a fulfilling career path. Such a business is responsible for providing comfort and autonomy to individuals who are no longer able to fully live without some type of community supervision. However, such an industry also comes with a ton of specific risks. If you’re going to stay protected when faced with the threats of the future, you absolutely want to make sure you have the best possible insurance program aimed at the needs of independent living facilities.

Finding the Right Fit

When reviewing your options with independent living facilities insurance programs, you want to take a few areas into consideration. For one, you will need the professional and general liability coverages that all businesses are required to have. Beyond this, you may need to consider property coverage for all of the buildings and structures making up your facility. Some organizations also need to cover automobiles and vehicles that transport residents to and from different areas. When taking out a plan, be sure to consider other areas such as:

  • Excess liability with high limits
  • Protection for medical directors
  • Crime insurance

Protect Your Company and Assets

While running an independent living facility can be satisfying in many ways, you also need to do your part to protect your business. Review your options and see how easy it is to put together a plan that covers all of your bases.