Insuring Golf Carts

golf cart insurance

“Golfing is often considered a sport for older men who have retired and are enjoying the latter years of life. With this said, a wide variety of people enjoy this sport across the world and play it whenever possible. In warmer climates, individuals can golf year-round and often. Conversely, people who live in colder climates must rush to the nearest golf course during warm seasons before they close for half of the year. That stated, golfers who can golf throughout the year often own golf carts and use them while playing instead of renting from the course. While it is not generally spoken about, golf cart insurance is typically required after or before purchasing one of these vehicles.

When is Golf Cart Insurance Necessary?

Depending on where the golf cart is driven and how it is used, you may or may not need golf cart insurance. If you are only using your golf cart while playing on a course or your property, you can get a golf cart endorsement which acts as an extension to homeowner’s insurance. These endorsements are reserved for essential golf carts that have not received any speed enhancements and travel as quickly as a riding lawnmower. Any golf cart that is speed-modified or resembles the capabilities of an ATV requires auto insurance specifically for those vehicles.”