Important Insurance for Staffing Agencies


Staffing agencies indeed open themselves up for some big liability risks just by providing their services. Essentially, a staffing agency acts as the middle-man between employees and employers. As such, they have responsibilities for both parties. If a mishap occurs in either direction, this can spell bad news for the staffing agency. Fortunately, the right insurance will give you peace of mind by protecting your company, as well as its assets. Here are the insurance policy types you need to make sure your business is covered.

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s comp is mandatory in most states and is designed to help cover medical expenses and lost wages if someone gets hurt on the job. Some states will consider the temps you send out asĀ your employees instead of the employees of the job they are covering.

Professional Liability Insurance

This type of insurance will protect you if a client accuses you of professional negligence. If the person you send out fails to do their job correctly, you can be held liable. This is particularly important if you assist healthcare staffing needs of any kind. According to HighlandRisk, there are also additional types of insurance that healthcare staffing agencies need to fully protect themselves.

General Liability

Usually, the first policy businesses will buy, general liability offers coverage for things like property damage, injuries, and even copyright infringement.

You work hard to keep your staffing company running. Make sure it’s covered properly as well.