Hurricane Season Is Coming: Is Your Business Ready?

PNW Financial Guaranty Insurance

June first marks the start of the hurricane season, but storms have happened as early as May. Living and working near the cost makes for beautiful surroundings but may put you in line for a hurricane disaster. PNW Financial Guaranty Insurance offers business interruption insurance to help you rebuild after a disaster.

Assess Risks

Before disaster strikes, assess the risks to your business of direct or indirect impact damage from a hurricane. Check the flood zone risk of your location. Create a priority list to use in your disaster planning and emergency response plan.

Conduct Research

A disaster can affect you or your vendors. While you may have a plan in place, you should see what plan your vendors and suppliers have in case of a disaster. If they are affected, you need to have backup vendors in mind to use during the recovery phase.

Emergency Response Plan

Having an emergency response plan before you need one is crucial to dealing with a disaster. Knowing how to react, what is critical to the business and what to do after the storm passes help you lead your team throughout the disaster.
Hurricanes leave a path of destruction behind on land. Protect your business with PNW Financial Guaranty Insurance. Your preparation may come in handy throughout the hurricane season and beyond.