How You can Help Your Workplace Stay Safe in the Corona Virus Pandemic

During the health crisis caused by the Coronavirus, it’s important for companies to be vigilant about their employees’ health. Here are some ways that you and your management team can help maintain a safe working environment in response to this global event.

Provide Written Information

If there are specific policies that you’d like for your personnel to follow, provide them with written notice. Put up posters, reminders, or any types of graphics that you think would be helpful in promoting safe practices.

Limit Your Workforce’s Onsite Interaction

To the extent that you can, try to give your people the resources that they need to continue their job duties while working at home. Using a remote login to your server, cloud computing, or project and team management apps to keep your business’s operations running while practicing coronavirus workplace safety in the most effective way possible.

Grant Additional Time Off

If your current time-off policy would discourage sick workers from taking the time that they need away from work to stay home and self-quarantine, you may need to reevaluate your policy. Source: Arroyo. As an emergency measure, it’s in the best interests of your entire workforce if sick employees don’t come into work and spread this highly transmissible virus to their colleagues.