Getting Familiar with Assault Battery Insurance

It is often impossible to predict when an act of violence may take place, but it is always wise for business owners to make sure they are protected against any liability that may come from such events.

Assault and battery assurance is a kind of additional insurance that allows bar owners and nightclub owners (or any similar kind of establishment) to remain protected from being liable for damages in the case of any bar fight or similar incident.

Coverage That Protects

Assault & battery insurance coverage is not generally required, but it provides extra protection that your general liability insurance may not cover. If one patron starts a fight with another person and things get out of control, there can be significant financial damages in the form of hospital bills or legal proceedings.

The last thing you need is to become stuck with the financial liability in this situation, and assault and battery insurance can help to protect you. This type of insurance is recommended for all owners of establishments such as bars, taverns, and nightclubs, as well as for special events scheduled to take place at rented venues.


Make sure to protect your business by insuring against any assault and battery that could take place at your business or event with a policy tailored expressly for you.