Frame Design

Frame Design

4049189290_f3f3bf376cTo create the best bike for you, we’ll discuss what you desire out of your new bike. We’ll talk about your intended use of the bike, riding history,  body dimensions, and aesthetic sensibilities.  Extra attention will be paid to any of your special needs, key features, and any questions you may have about any facet of the process.  Our ongoing relationship throughout the building process will allow us (the rider and builder) to create the best possible bike for you.

Intended usage

There is a wide range of riding styles – racing, city riding, touring, mountain, etc.  When you buy a mass produced bike the manufacturer is selecting the intended use based on the widest possible customer base.   With a custom bike you are able to select the qualities you desire from any of the riding styles to maximize the comfort and utility of your bike.

Riding History

Your riding experiences have lead you to want a custom bike, why?  This question will have many different answers, something you want more of? Less of? Need one thing in particular you cant find?  Your past experience will provide necessary clues that will determine the design of the bike.

Body dimensions

I often struggled to find the right combination of a frame and the various components to get the perfect fit.  I’d like the feel of a bike but would always looking for a way to overcome a design element that didn’t suit my body type, relying on various components to try and compensate for an improper fit.  For two people with the exact same height and weight, their inseams, torsos, and arm lengths can be drastically different therefore causing a bike that is comfortable for one rider to be uncomfortable for the next.  By determining your body measurements and preferred riding position you can have the ride characteristics you want in a bike that fits you too.


Often times you have to choose between fit, function and personal style.  With a custom bike this is no longer an issue.  From Classic to Modern an almost infinite amount of paint choices and designs elements, are in your hands allowing your imagination to run wild.


The bike materials will be selected specifically to fit the riders frame and weight after careful consideration of intended usage, riding history, body dimensions, and aesthetics. All bikes are built using lugged construction, fillet-brazed or both with high quality materials from suppliers like:

Henry James
Pacenti Cycle Designs
Richard Sachs
True Temper

Putting it all together

These five elements will come together to create a design that is best suited specifically to you and your needs.