Everything You Need To Know About Workers’ Comp

Workers' Comp

As a business owner, you rely on your employees every day. Without them, your business wouldn’t be as strong and you’d be forced to handle every aspect of your operation on your own. The more you can protect them on the job, the better off your company will be. No matter what industry you’re in, workers’ compensation coverage is the easiest way to protect your team anytime they’re on the job.

What Workers’ Comp Is

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that helps reduce the financial strain your employees suffer after getting injured on the job. The policy covers their medical costs, provides them with a portion of their wages while they recover and can even provide assistance for short-term or permanent disability if the injuries keep them from being able to return to work. It’s also legally required for most businesses with more than two employees. If you fail to purchase workers’ comp insurance, you could face hefty fines.

What To Look for in a Policy

When shopping for workers’ comp in CT, you need to choose a policy that works for your business. At a minimum, choose coverage that helps streamline your claims process and provides adequate compensation for every injured employee.
The right workers’ comp insurance plan can help you reduce your costs and protect your employees from financial strain. Choose a policy that works with your budget and your business’s needs.