Essential Trucking Insurance Coverages

Interstate Cargo Insurance Market

Essential Trucking Insurance Coverages

If you’re a trucker, you need to protect your truck and its cargo. This is where the interstate cargo insurance market comes in. Before you navigate the market, here are the coverages that you need to look for.

Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance insures the goods in your truck. This isn’t necessarily required but if something happens to that cargo, you could wind up having to pay. Depending on the expense of the haul, this could break your business.


Bobtail insurance covers trucks that drive without a trailer. You aren’t always working, after all, and in those times where you aren’t on the clock, you may not be covered by your contractor’s insurance or your motor carrier insurance. This is why you need bobtail to offer protection during that gap.

Physical Damage

Physical damage is required for all trucks. This type of coverage offsets costs if you’re in an accident involving another vehicle. One accident can completely devastate a trucking company. Insurance helps truckers avoid paying out of pocket for extensive damages.

When it comes to looking into the interstate cargo insurance market, make sure that you choose policies that are not only required but that will protect your business from accidents or other troubles you may have on the road. Remember, you can’t always predict when something might happen.