Differences Between Remote and Local Staffing Agencies

Many staffing services use remote recruiting practices to keep doing business while maintaining social distance from recruitees. Others use the same techniques to find talent beyond their local areas. Here are some differences between a remote staffing agency and a local agency that is simply using virtual recruitment techniques.

Job Location

While local agencies sometimes hire for work-at-home positions, most focus on recruiting for businesses that require a large number of in-person staff. In contrast, remote agencies specialize in serving companies that employ people who telecommute or otherwise work in decentralized locations. Telemarketing and medical transcription are examples of industries with a large number of work-from-anywhere positions.

Candidate Pool

Local staffing agencies can use remote recruiting to secure a steady influx of job applicants who live within driving distance of the companies they serve. Remote agencies, on the other hand, expand their talent search to as wide of an area as they want, including overseas.

The primary difference between local and remote staffing agencies is the location of the recruitees they interview and hire. Whether focusing on industries with decentralized workforces, capitalizing on technology that allows fewer face-to-face interviews, or simply improvising due to a temporary situation, all staffing agencies stand to benefit from remote recruiting techniques.