Common Risks in the Agricultural Industry


If you decide to invest in farming, it is important that you first carry out an analysis of the risks you may encounter. The characteristic uncertainties in weather, harvests, prices, global markets, and government policies may make you reconsider venturing into agriculture. Here is further insight into the common risks the agricultural sector faces.

Production Risk

There are a lot of factors that contribute to healthy growth and thriving livestock and crops. Weather, pests, and diseases may hurt the quality and quantity of yields you obtain from the agricultural industry.

Market or Price Risk

The amount of money farmers receive as compensation for their product is subject to periodic fluctuations. Similarly, the amounts farmers spend on purchasing their farm inputs vary depending on demand. The nature of market risk differs from commodity to commodity, which may affect the stability of the agricultural industry.

Human or Personnel Risk

Experts at Monarch Partners Group mention that workers in the agricultural industry face a variety of perils while carrying out their tasks. Accidents or exposure to toxic farm chemicals may affect their health, threatening smooth farming operations. Taking out agriculture industry workers comp may help you cover the cost of caring for your affected farm workers.

Production risk, market risk, and personnel risk are a few common hazards that the agricultural sector faces.