Common Challenges Facing Today’s Consultants


Consulting brings with it an opportunity to set your own salary and schedule. While the perks are fantastic, managing projects comes with its own set of problems. Here are three top challenges facing consultants in their consulting assignments.

Problem Solving

Many consultants are hired to solve problems through effective solutions. This can prove difficult depending on the client. In some cases, the presented problem may not actually be the real problem needing solving. Determining the actual problem can pose challenges, especially if management does not cooperate with the consultant.

Time Tracking

As seen on, tracking time poses a real challenge for consultants. Many often feel tracking time is unnecessary or forget to be diligent. However, tracking time spent on a project or specific activity can help you better manage client expectations and find time-saving areas.

Action Recommendations

Consultants are often hired to recommend actions to solve problems. However, as the outsider, these recommendations may not be well received by the in-house staff. Ultimately, it is up to the client to determine whether to implement the recommended steps or not. It can be frustrating when the client does little if anything with the work presented.

There are many challenges facing consultants in their consulting assignments. Managing expectations and time can help consultants grow their business and better plan for these interactions.