Big Ship Blue Card Certification


Blue cards are designed to be carried by ships carrying oil or other products that could be harmful to the area or environment should a spill occur from the vessel transporting the product. The Blue Card, or Bunker Convention Cover insurance, serves as a certification that the shipowner has the necessary indemnity coverage required to allow the transport of the cargo through the area waters. The Blue Card information includes:

  • Name of vessel
  • Port of registry of the ship
  • IMO number
  • Boat’s call sign
  • Identification of the registered owner

Immediate Compensation

According to the insurance firm of WQIS, the International Convention on Civil Liability for Bunker Oil Pollution Damage came into force in 2008. Since then, the adoption of the convention has ensured that immediate compensation to injured or damaged parties is prompt, adequate, and effective. The law requires that a Blue Card be carried by:

  • Bareboat charterers
  • Vessel owners
  • Vessel operators (if over 1,000 gross tons)

Flag State Authorized

Upon request, the boat should be prepared to present the Blue Card when entering any port under signatory state, and the certificate must be authorized by the Flag State. Receipt of the Blue Card evidence that the ship has liability coverage or the necessary insurance as required to guard against pollution damage should a leak occur in the boat’s structure and harm or damage the area with unwarranted pollution.