Assessing the Risks of Your Marine Business

new york marine insurance company

Operating on the water comes with inherent risks that contrast starkly with land-going businesses. Marine vessels are subject to close scrutiny from various governmental agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency. As underwriters for New York Marine Insurance Company, we work closely with the brokers to create pollution policies that meet the needs of their clients.

Changing Market

As the marine industry changes, the insurance covering those businesses also needs to change. Underwriters help craft those policies to ensure businesses have the coverage they need to operate.

Pollution Response

The EPA has created new policies as emerging information comes available to help prevent environmental hazards. A major focus of many marine businesses is how those laws and policies affect their business. An insurance company with decades of experience responding to pollution claims is the best for your business.

Liability Risks

Operating on the water comes with certain liability risks that land-based businesses don’t necessarily need to worry about. A leaking hull, cargo dumps or oil spills all have negative environmental impacts. The oceans carry these products away from the source much faster than land affecting more of the environment.

Underwriting for New York Marine Insurance allows us to provide your business with the quality products you want with the underwriting experience you need. Choose to partner with use for your insurance needs and protect your marine business.