An Insurance Policy That Helps Your Employees and Your Business

According to Daniels Insurance

“Having an employee injured is a horrible thing, especially if they are injured during the course of completing their duties. Fortunately, workers comp protects your business from lawsuits and also provides support for your employees until they recover.

Common Claims and Coverage Limitations

When a worker is injured or becomes ill while on the job, it is the responsibility of the employer to pay for medical treatment and lost wages. However, there is a limitation to how much this insurance can cover. Workers’ compensation insurance does not cover the following:
Injuries or illnesses acquired outside of work
Negligence on the part of the employee, such as cutting corners
Intentional or fake injuries
Injuries due to drug use or intoxication

Ways To Reduce Incidents and Claims

According to Daniels Insurance, this insurance is a major cost for businesses. However, there are two key ways to improve the safety of your workers and reduce the number of claims filed. The first is to make sure your business has plenty of safety measures in place. The second is to conduct inspections to look for any potential dangers so you can create a plan to keep your employees safe.

Keeping Everyone in Your Business Safe

It is important to protect both your business and your employees, which is why workers comp is such a vital insurance policy to have for your company. Be sure you are covered so you can be prepared for any possible situations.