A Short Guide To Police Insurance

Being a police officer can be a great career. You spend your time serving the public and keeping people safe and you can make a good living doing that. However, being a police officer can be risky. Aside from the more obvious threats such as bodily injury or death while dealing with a hardened criminal, there are also financial threats to consider. Police officers are under more scrutiny than ever before and are constantly at risk of being sued. This is where a police insurance policy can come in to help.

Why Do You Need Police Insurance?

When doing your job, it is not uncommon to face claims of wrongdoing such as use of excessive force and/or wrongful arrest. When claims like these occur, they can lead to lengthy legal battles that can cost immense amounts of money, even if you ultimately win the case. If you end up losing, which can happen, even if you are completely innocent or had the best intentions in the situation, you may be forced to pay out large settlements which could cause you irreparable financial damage. Police insurance can help pick up these costs.

What Can Be Covered By Police Insurance?

There are many things you can obtain coverage for. Some of the most common things covered are:

  • Wrongful acts
  • Alleged sexual abuse
  • Firearms liability
  • Failed CPR
  • Income protection

Being a police officer can be very difficult and risky. Proper insurance coverage can make all the difference.