A Short Guide To Insurance For Wineries And Breweries

Running your own brewery or winery can be a great way to make a living, especially if you have a passion for making wine or brewing beer. However, taking on this kind of endeavor comes with a certain amount of risk. From property damage to liability issues, there are many different threats that you have to keep in mind and defend against. Luckily, you can obtain insurance for wineries & breweries to help protect your business from financial damages.

Property And Equipment Insurance For Wineries And Breweries

Running a winery or brewery requires a place of business and a lot of expensive specialized equipment. It is vital that you have insurance to protect these assets in case something unexpectedly goes wrong. Property insurance and equipment breakdown insurance can help you get back on your feet far more quickly if something goes wrong.

Liability Insurance For Wineries And Breweries

There are two main types of liability insurance you need if you run a winery or brewery. The first type is general liability insurance which offers a broad range of liability coverage that can protect you from common liability issues like property damage claims and injury claims. In addition to general liability insurance, you also need liquor liability insurance to protect you from the legal consequences of accidentally over-serving a customer who then goes on to get into trouble.

Running a brewery or winery can be risky. Having the right insurance can make all the difference.