5 Steps To Follow After an Employee Injury at Work

If your business doesn’t have a clear process for filing workers comp claims, there is the possibility of injury claims being denied. This could lead to more serious concerns with employees receiving bills for their medical treatments and causing low morale. These five steps should be a part of your procedure if you want to ensure efficiency in the employee benefits process.

Steps To Put In Place

Don’t make filing claims overcomplicated. A few basic steps are all claims filing needs.

  1. Make sure employees immediately and directly report any injuries or work-related illnesses to their supervisor. Many states require formal written notice and often within 30 days to be valid.
  2. Make sure employees seek medical care and treatment from providers and facilities that are a part of the insurer’s network.
  3. Have the injured employee complete the necessary filing paperwork for their injury and inform them of their rights. The claim form and any supporting documents (as well as the medical report from the physician) will need to be sent to the workers’ comp insurance carrier.
  4. The insurer will either approve or deny the claim, though denials can be appealed and reconsideration requested.
  5. Encourage the employee to return to work as soon as able through a formal return to work program.

Following these steps reduces the rate of claim denials. Make sure all employees know their rights and benefits, and your company knows how to process claims.