5 Common Types of Insurance for Tow Truck Operators

Tow Truck Operators

Being a tow truck operator is risky employment, as there are dangers associated with any work done on the open road or with heavy equipment. Just how much towing coverage is needed varies by company, but there are several common elements that are generally required.

Liability Insurance

Most states have a requirement of auto liability for many vehicles on the road. This is basic coverage that covers damage to other vehicles, property, or individuals as a result of an accident you cause.

Physical Damage

Your liability coverage won`t address damages to your tow truck if gets damaged from a crash. This coverage could help with repairs or total replacement.

On-Hook Towing

The vehicles that you may be towing down the road could get damaged in transport. This coverage extends to any vehicles on the truck or in tow.

Medical Payments

The costs related to injuries that occurred during an accident you caused are covered with this plan. The limits will vary by company requirements.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists

If you are hit by a driver that doesn`t have insurance coverage, this policy will step in and assist. It also works if the driver doesn`t have enough coverage.

Because of the significant financial strain that an accident could put on an operator, comprehensive insurance is a start in a long line of defensive measures.