3 Ways to Prevent Yacht Club Risks

Yacht Club Risks

There are many potential risks that marinas and yacht clubs encounter. Often these uncertainties range from physical loss to other liabilities that expose them to unnecessary harm. Here are three ways to prevent yacht club risks and protect business assets.

1. Select the Proper Coverage

There are many yacht club coverages available, which is why it’s essential to find one that suits your needs. Many providers insure all standard risks, and some of the most common insurances policies include:

Before purchasing yacht club insurance, survey your property to determine what potential coverage is necessary.

2. Install Security Cameras

Many potential burglars steer clear of areas where illegal activities could be caught on tape. This is why installing real or faux cameras around your yacht club or storage location can help deter any undesired trespassers. It may also be wise to display how any potential crimes are punishable by law, so there are no unknowns.

3. Work Together

Simply reminding boat owners to comply with security measures is another way to help reduce potential risks. Boat owners can assist you in your efforts to keep their assets safe by locking gates behind them and looking out for suspicious activity.

Following these steps may reduce your exposure to physical loss or other liabilities that could create unforeseen challenges. Selecting the right insurance coverage and creating a safe environment both go a long way.